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Hollands Farm Development Brief Consultation

Dear Residents Association, Please find attached the two letters that Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council have sent to Buckinghamshire Council in respect of the Hollands Farm Development Brief (HFDB) consultation. Please kindly forward this email and its attachments to

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KBEG – Outcome of High Court Hearing

Dear KBEG Supporter, On the 23rd/24th June 2020, the s113 Substantive Hearing was held remotely in the High Court with KBEG challenging the adoption of the New Local Plan. The Judgment was handed down on 23rd July and, disappointingly, KBEG’s Claim was dismissed.

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Dear All,  Please see below email from Stuart Wilson on behalf of KBEG. I haven’t managed to successfully pass on the KBEG supporters email database so I am sending this on his behalf. Please feel welcome to contact him directly

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Slate Meadow Public Consultation

The main role of the Slate Meadow Group has now come to a conclusion as the WDC Development Brief is ready for Public consultation. Everyone will have the opportunity to view the proposals and ask questions.  Please follow link for

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  • 25th Aug, 2017