The CRA has a formal constitution and is managed by a committee which meets 5 or 6 times a year, or more often if required. The size and membership of the Committee has varied over time but generally it has ranged between 7 to 10 members. The meetings are very informal and there is always an “open chair” for any resident who wishes to come along to raise a specific issue or simply to “give it try”. If you wish to participate in one of the meetings then speak to a Committee member and ask to attend. The Annual General Meeting is held each autumn and is open to all. It provides an opportunity for the Committee to describe and explain its past actions and proposed future plans, to notify the state of the Association finances, and to explore any other topics of interest to residents. It also provides an opportunity for residents to question the Committee on these or any other matters and, most importantly, an opportunity to voice concerns, ask for action(s) and propose new ideas. This interaction between the Committee and residents is essential and a strong turnout for the AGM is actively encouraged. There are just over 100 properties on the private estate and although attendance is generally good (around 50% to 70%) we would like it to be even better so please do make an effort to come along.