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Older Drivers Forum Highway Code Webinars

In March, the Older Driver’s Forum will be carrying out online webinars about the recent changes to the Highway Code.  Do you know what the changes are? Do you have questions about the changes? Alongside speakers from various agencies, PC

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Be Aware of Green Scams

This extract from Trading Standards News can help alert you to such scams and provides useful information on what to do and who to contact if you experience any such problems. 10th December 2021 This National Consumer Week is about

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Worried About Getting Hacked?

Dear Subscriber, Over 15,000 hacked email and social media accounts reported in one year. If a hacker got into your email or social media account, what would they find? Health and banking information? Names and contact details for your friends

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Catalytic Converter Thefts

This type of crime is on the rise across the whole country and involves offenders getting under your car, often using a car jack, to remove the converter from the exhaust on certain vehicles. A catalytic converter is a device

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Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Wanted

Chalklands has long been registered as a participant in Neighbourhood Watch and we maintain their street signs and circulate some of their advice but the role of Co-ordinator has been vacant for some time and we would dearly like a

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Cyber Crime Meeting – 10th October

DON’T BE CAUGHT OUT WATCH OUT FOR CONS AND SCAMS Come to the Community Centre in Wakeman Road, Bourne End, on Tuesday 10th October at 2.30pm and learn more about cyber crime. Recognise what are cons and scams. Identify fraud and what

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  • 2nd Oct, 2017

Fake Bank Letters

This is a message sent via Thames Valley Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) Message sent by Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for

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  • 22nd Dec, 2016

Cold Callers

This is a message from Geoff Pegg, Director of Operations for Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association. We are getting news that some areas seem to be having unduly frequent visits from cold callers offering to do property maintenance work, such

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  • 14th Sep, 2015