Our Background

The Chalklands Residents Association was re-formed in 2003 with the simple aims of maintaining the infrastructure of the estate and improving the environment which we are all fortunate enough to share. Initial concerns focused on the deteriorating condition of the road, and traffic issues resulting from use of the estate by non-residents – speeding vehicles, inconsiderate parking and, of no small concern, the additional wear and tear on the road itself. The roadway of the lower section of Chalklands was breaking up very badly so residents voted overwhelmingly to close the Blind Lane entrance and a pair of gates was installed just inside the junction. As a private estate we were well within our rights to do this but both Wycombe District Council and, in particular, Bucks County Council disputed the status of the road. The County Highway Authority argued that Chalklands was not a private road but fell in a spurious category best described as ‘unadopted public highway’. This led to lengthy and very expensive planning procedures which involved the CRA seeking legal advice from solicitors, a specialist (planning) barrister, and a traffic consultant. After several years the Councils eventually conceded that the greater part of the estate is indeed private and, following renewed efforts in co-operation, we were finally able to obtain planning permission to install the removable bollards. Significantly, the planning consent permitted installation and use completely free of any conditions.