Month: November 2021

2021 Annual General Meeting & Social

Our Social / AGM get-together was attended by committee members and a small but not insignificant group of residents who contributed very well to the AGM proceedings and enjoyed the opportunity to socialise with their fellow residents. So a BIG

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0800 555 111 – A Number To Remember

Thames Valley Police have frequently repeated that their success in fighting crime is very dependent on the efficient gathering of relevant information – ‘criminal intelligence’ – from the public. So, we all have a personal stake in helping this process.

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Swish Fibre Broadband news

Work has commenced in Chalklands on the supply of FTTP Broadband. Swish are utilising existing BT underground trenches where possible. Some digging is needed on paths and grass verges but all will be ‘made good’ after the work is complete.

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