Hollands Farm Development Brief Consultation

Dear Residents Association,

Please find attached the two letters that Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council have sent to Buckinghamshire Council in respect of the Hollands Farm Development Brief (HFDB) consultation.

Please kindly forward this email and its attachments to your members and remind them that the consultation process closes on 17 February.

We encourage as many residents as possible to use the Consultation process to raise their concerns individually. We summarise below issues that we believe are critical and that we have raised in this process:

· Princes Road access unsafe – width insufficient to allow two HGV’s or buses to pass.

· Hedsor Road egress unsafe – T junction inadequate for the development’s traffic and the additional traffic coming from the A4094.

· Millboard Road access – its delivery appears aspirational in the Development Brief and yet it could make a positive difference to traffic on Cores End Road and the new Link Road.

· Housing density not in keeping with Bourne End – the housing target of 467 homes should be significantly reduced to ensure the overall density is in keeping with Bourne End’s level of closer to half that.

· Utilities – Thames Water state water network capacity in this area unlikely to support the development.

· Former Orchard – its delivery unclear yet it is mentioned as a policy in the Wycombe Local Plan. Our Parish is deficient in local green space and its delivery would be a small but very useful enhancement for all Bourne End residents.

· Parking – the development Brief is silent on what will happen to cars that currently park on Princes Road. Also, it is likely that parents will drop off children on Millboard Road for the School and unless there is a plan to manage this there will be new safety and parking issues on Millboard Road.

· Toilets – the Development Brief and Sustainability Appraisal are silent on the provision for toilets by the Hollands Farm playing fields and at the Little Marlow Country Park which is a significant omission given the proposed usage of these facilities.

· Recommendation that there is a buffer zone for Bridgestone Drive residents.

We believe that resolving these issues is critical to making the development as good as it can be for the future of all Wooburn and Bourne End residents.

Kind regards

Malcolm Silver

Clerk of the Council – Wooburn & Bourne End, Parish Council

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Phone: 01628522827

email: clerk@wooburnparish.gov.uk

web site: wooburnparish.gov.uk

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