The Chalklands Estate

The history of Chalklands is interesting and notes prepared by a former resident, our late Treasurer Paul Jervis, will be written up and put on the new website. In very brief summary, the Chalklands estate was built by a local property developer, A D Jameson, who owned the whole estate. As houses were built and plots were sold the company ended up owning just the road, pavements and the grassed strips fronting the plots. The company ceased trading many years ago and no longer exists as such but the ownership of the residual land (road, pavements, etc) has remained as part of the family estate. There is now no dispute that the main element of the estate is private and that the road is not “adopted” ie maintained by the Highway Authority. The exception is the northern spur of Chalklands, above the roundabout and running into Goddington Road. This section was subject to compulsory orders and was adopted by Bucks County Council when the Coopers Estate to the north of Chalklands was developed. The consequence of all this is that (with the exception of the northern spur) residents of Chalklands have had no option but to take the maintenance of the estate into their own hands.