Tree Lost in Storm

Most residents will have noticed the sad loss of the familiar hawthorn that stood at the ‘T’ junction in lower Chalklands; the inner core of the tree was rotten and it succumbed to the recent gales.  Let’s hope the sole surviving hawthorn by the roundabout holds on until the rowan has matured!  A word of mouth recommendation ensured prompt action by a local jobbing gardener who made the fallen tree safe without damage to the overhead phone line and adjacent fence.  Thank you Tim for an excellent job at a bargain price.  To minimize the cost we elected to dispose of the debris ourselves; the logs quickly vanished and the mountain of branches and twigs disappeared via several green bins and a few runs to the tip.  Many thanks to all those who contributed to the clean-up.  The Committee has already discussed replacing the tree and action will follow once the stump has been removed (does anyone have any recommendations?).  A few residents have commented that they would like to contribute towards a replacement tree and an appeal may be launched in due course.  One suggestion has been to buy a flowering cherry as used to line much of Chalklands in the early years of the estate, but we are open to ideas so please let us know what you think.

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