Thames Water Leak

Following a leak in the vicinity of Nos 59 and 61 Thames Water eventually located the problem and carried out an effective repair.  The job appears to have been completed to a satisfactory standard but we were unable to monitor the work and there was some concern that, as with an earlier leak, the escaping water may have scoured out a large void under the concrete slabs.  Our Chairman therefore wrote to a Customer Services executive and requested that the whole section be checked for hollowing out.  Thames Water acted very promptly and a proper survey has been authorised but in the meantime a follow-up team of field engineers and contract managers has visited the site and confirmed that the leak has been properly repaired.  They also advised that no routine work is scheduled for Chalklands before 2020, the limit of their planned maintenance programme.  This has reassured us that it should be safe to surface that section of the road when the time comes.

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