Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Wanted

Chalklands has long been registered as a participant in Neighbourhood Watch and we maintain their street signs and circulate some of their advice but the role of Co-ordinator has been vacant for some time and we would dearly like a volunteer to resurrect it.  The scope of the role is determined solely by the Co-ordinator and can be quite broad, but for a small scheme such as ours the activities can be very limited in terms of tasks covered and the time involved.  The actions could be as little as monitoring the Alert messages issued by the police, and the crime prevention advice issued by Neighbourhood Watch, and then forwarding the information to residents by email using the CRA group mailing facility.

Other options could include preparing a paragraph for inclusion in the CRA newsletter and/or maintaining summary advice and other information in a dedicated page on the CRA website.

The chosen actions could be carried out by one person or covered by some sort of job share arrangement.  If you have a little time and would like to help please contact the CRA.

I am interested in becoming Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

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