Beware Burglaries In Chalklands!!!!

Sadly we have to report a spate of local burglaries over the holiday period including one in Chalklands.  After the Chalklands break-in Thames Valley Police distributed prevention advice to a few of the immediate neighbours.  We asked for more envelopes which we have distributed to each Chalklands household so please take a few minutes to read this advice.  In particular, keep your home and car secure, lock your gates and sheds, and use timers to switch on lights and tv/ radio to give the appearance that someone is at home.  The latter is a particularly effective deterrent and is strongly recommended by both the police and Neighbourhood Watch.  Timers are cheap and readily available from hardware shops and supermarkets.  Also, why not sign up for the Alerts scheme as described in the TVP card (in their envelope)?

Crimes Committed Near Chalklands, Bourne End, SL8 5TH in December 2017

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