QR Code Scams and Trading Standards news

This is a message from Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association.

One of the most common uses of QR codes is to enable customers to quickly pay for goods and services, such as meals or parking. But any QR code placed in a public space offers a prime opportunity for a scammer.

To protect yourself from these types of scams, never pay through a QR code — especially if the code was placed in a public area. Always double-check the website’s URL that is requesting your payment information (or ask a server, if you’re in a restaurant).

Warning signs of QR code payment scams:

  • The QR code is in a public place or at a location where it could easily be tampered with. 
  • The payment site you’re taken to has signs of a fake website, such as bad grammar, poor design, or an odd URL.
  • The URL name is different from what you expect to see, or it isn’t “secure.” (Secure websites use HTTPS — not HTTP — and will display a padlock symbol near the URL.

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