Protect Your Shed Or Expect Shedloads Of Trouble

This is a message from Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Thefts from garden sheds are always quite an issue.  So, you might like to consider the crime prevention products we sell to help protect your sheds and other outbuildings.

You might not have the crown jewels stashed in your garden shed, but a thief could use your own spade to prise open a back door or window and burgle your house or even a neighbour’s house!  You need to protect the contents of your shed as much as your home.  Now that we are well into the gardening season, it has to be noted that we are also into the season when thefts of gardening tools and equipment escalate.  Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association has products to help you:

We can recommend a PIR Sensor Alarm which is a low-cost, battery operated alarm with two remote controls and a wall bracket.  The alarm has a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor which can detect movement up to 8 metres away and, once activated, will sound a 105 decibel siren which can be quickly armed and disarmed using the handy key fob controllers.  Four AA batteries are included and the alarm is available from us for just £10.

We also have an alarmed padlock, which can be used as a normal padlock or alarmed. It has a shock and movement sensor, a powerful 110 decibel siren, keyed operation, battery powered, a weather-resistant hardened Zinc Alloy body, hardened steel shackle, and an anti-muffle design. Price £14.

For more details and ordering, contact us at:

We regret that we cannot supply these products by mail order, but interested parties are welcome to visit us in Hazlemere, by prior arrangement, where the products can be demonstrated.

They can also be obtained from our table display outside the Co-op supermarket at Park Parade (Cosy Corner), Hazlemere HP15 7AA on Wednesday, 25th August, from 10.00am until mid-day.

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