‘ At 9pm on 16th May the quiet Saturday evening in Chalklands was disturbed by the sound of a helicopter as police persued 3 escaping burglars.

A chaotic scene ensued as the suspected men ran through Chalklands into gardens, climbing fences attempting escape pursued by 6 police cars racing around the road.

Many residents, coming out of their houses, were told to return inside so as not to confuse the thermal imaging camera in the copter.

We were asked to remove the bollards to allow the police cars to exit and continue the chase and a group of excited Committee members and neighbours complied.

Eventually the police returned and informed locals that the three men had been caught and arrested – known for carrying SEVEN burglaries in the local area over the past few weeks – and were very satisfied with their evenings work.

Police cars left, bollards replaced and a quiet Saturday evening in Chalklands returned’ ……..

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