Resurfacing Work: This Affects All Residents – Please Read

We are delighted to inform you that this work will take place over three days on:

Monday 31st OCTOBER – Wednesday 2nd NOVEMBER

We are using the same contractor and the same high specification asphalt as in the previous very successful contract and we have negotiated a similarly good value-for-money deal. The new surface will complete our work at ‘Pond Corner’ and extend round the bend and up as far as No.43 (see paint markings on road). The condition of this section is the worst on the whole estate and it will be good to get it stabilised and protected.

As previously, we will need to close the road: there will be much heavy machinery and the new surface will need to harden before we allow traffic to use it so please note the following:

  • The road will be closed from 18.00 on Sunday 30th October and all parked cars must be cleared by midnight.
  • Residents living in that section will have to park outside the affected area for the three days. Neighbours are asked to be tolerant of this and to cooperate by sharing drives or helping by other means.
  • Thursday 3rd November is a “grey bin” collection day. This falls after completion of the work but the contractor has specifically asked that HGVs do not drive on the new surface for two days. Residents will therefore need to place their bins in the nearest area of unaffected road or in an area that we will designate after discussion with the refuse collection contractor. ALL residents are asked to note this and to avoid deliveries by HGVs throughout this period if possible. Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation.
  • The road will be open again to all traffic from early morning on Friday 4th

Please address any questions or concerns to a member of the committee or COME ALONG TO THE AGM!