We need you!

This applies to ALL residents – please read

We have discussed the consequences of the resurfacing project with residents who live in the affected part of Chalklands and we are very grateful to those who have brought forward work on their drives, kerbs and pavements.

However, there are certain enabling tasks that have been recommended by the contractor to ensure a long-lasting finish. These obviously need to be carried out in advance and WE NEED YOUR HELP !!

The following actions need to be completed before the contractor starts work:

  • Application of industrial grade weedkiller two weeks ahead of a general clean up.

This is in hand and we have the product but if you have a commercial size sprayer suitable for the task we would like to hear from you. The whole estate could do with treating.

  • Cleaning of individual drains in the affected section. The contractor will raise all ironwork by 40mm but it makes sense to clean around the drains and remove the silt from the drain sumps before he starts work.
  • Cleaning the whole road surface, and in particular clearing the gutters, of weeds and accumulated debris. After de-weeding the whole surface will need to be brushed and the sweepings removed.
  • Other miscellaneous tasks such as signs and anything else that we haven’t yet thought of!

To carry out this work a number of volunteers will be required and we are asking for your help. As previously, a working party will be organised and we are hoping for another good turnout. If you wish to assist please meet on:

Sunday Oct 16th at “Pond Corner”, by the alley, for 10am

Please bring with you weeding implements, hard brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc. A strong turnout will mean that the job will get done more quickly and/or we can make a start on cleaning up adjacent areas of the road such as the sections which were resurfaced last time. The gutters in those sections also require a thorough clean.

Finally, if anyone has cones or other forms of barrier to help close off the road would you please get in touch.

Thank you all again for your co-operation and support.