Selecta Dna Security Marking Kits

This is a message from Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association

We are pleased to confirm that our arrangement continues with the manufacturer of Selecta DNA security marking kits whereby our Neighbourhood Watch scheme members can buy these kits at a special price of £27.00 per kit inclusive of VAT and p&p directly from them.

Whilst burglaries in the Wycombe District remain low, they always increase with the extended hours of darkness once the clocks go back at the end of October.  So, do consider increasing your protection with Selecta DNA.

Selecta DNA is a smart way to invisibly identify valuable items such as computers, antiques, jewellery, TVs, and other electronic equipment.  It is a liquid only visible under UV light that you can use like ink to put a mark on the items, but inside the liquid is the DNA – lots of microdots that contain a unique code that is registered to the owner.  So, when the stolen item is recovered, the police can use their UV lights to check the marked area, identify the code, look in the database and return the item to the registered owner.  The thief is also highly likely to be convicted of the crime.

The liquid comes with warning stickers to put on your doors or windows and tamper-resistant stickers to go on the larger items, alerting would-be burglars to the risks of taking anything from the house as it is all marked.  Each Selecta DNA kit can mark around 50 items and this special price of £27.00 includes the cost of the database registration and delivery.  There are no repeat fees for this registration.

To order, please visit:

Enter WDNHW27 in the Voucher Code box at the bottom of the page and this will take you to the ordering process at this reduced price.

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