Neighbourhood Watch’s Online Shop

Neighbourhood Watch’s national online shop is now open! 

We are thrilled to open our first-ever online shop selling official Neighbourhood Watch branded merchandise. Our supporters have long told us that they would like to be able to purchase Neighbourhood Watch street signs, window stickers, and other branded accessories such as notebooks, tote bags or trolley coins centrally.  

As an independent national charity, your support in the shop will enable us to offer customers the best prices possible and expand the range of items in store.  

To celebrate, we are offering all customers a 20% discount until the end of October 2022. Use the code NW-SHOP at checkout. 


Visit now to browse our products or visit and click on the link to access the shop. 

The theft of cars has increased considerably across the country in the past year.  This is largely due to the use of keyless fobs in many cars.  Prevent the theft of your car and thefts from your car by keeping your keyless fob in a Defender Signal Blocker pouch so that its signal cannot be accessed remotely by criminals.

Tech-savvy thieves are using laptops and other electronic devices to boost a fob’s signal from outside a property, allowing access to the vehicle quickly and silently, so leading to cars being driven away or valuables being stolen from them. The Signal Blocker protects keyless fobs from these signal-boosting ‘relay attacks’ whether the car is outside your house or in a public place (such as a car park), ensuring your vehicle and its contents cannot be easily accessed.
The larger Signal Blocker pouch can also act as an innovative phone pouch that blocks all incoming calls to your mobile phone.

The Defender Signal Blockers come in two sizes and are available from Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association:

Dimensions : 126 x 80 mm   :  £3.00 each plus £1.45 first class or £1.05 second class post total for up to 3 items
Dimensions : 185 x 115 mm :  £4.00 each plus £1.45 first class or £1.05 second class post total for up to 2 items.

For greater quantities, please advise and we will provide you with the postage cost.
To order, please contact us via:
Please distribute this information to your neighbours, friends and family.

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