Most of you will have noticed that the corner at the bottom of Chalklands – affectionately known as “Pond Corner” – has undergone a dramatic improvement. Over the years the kerb and footpath on this corner had been destroyed by vehicles and had become dangerous. Two years ago we obtained a quote to restore the damage but it was in the order of £8,500 which was clearly unaffordable. However, in the light of further recent damage, the urgency of the repair increased and the Committee therefore prevailed upon a number of skilled and willing residents to form a task team. Ewen drew up the plans, Tim purchased the materials and conjured up a road-digger and John supplied a cement mixer. Other residents who worked on the project were: Tony, Jason, Chris, Richard, Brian, Roger and Bill. The team spent the weekend of June 18/19 and further evenings widening the road, installing new kerbstones and replacing the concrete pavement. We wish to thank them all for their terrific efforts in what was quite a physical challenge. We would also like to thank Liz  who provided water and electricity, and the wives and partners of these workmen who provided a non-stop supply of tea and refreshments and general words of encouragement (or similar!). And the result? A much wider and safer corner, a reinforced section of kerb (fit to withstand a nuclear attack) and a much safer footpath that will stay dry! Well done everyone – a proud result for all that effort.

And best of all, perhaps??? The total cost for the materials and clearance truck….just £900!! This leaves the greater part of our road fund intact which means that the corner plus a longer section of the road can be surfaced with asphalt in the autumn (see below).

And……..Caroline  – our local travel writer – has penned an article entitled “ Community spirit is alive and well in Bourne End ” which she plans to submit to the Bucks Free Press newspaper along with a number of photographs. Well done Caroline.