Report of an attempted scam

This is a message from Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association

We have received a report from a local retired businessman on how he was targeted on a banking scam that could have cost him over £800,000.

He admitted that he had been duped initially, but, because his wife had doubts, further investigation saved the day for him.

The problem started when he received a phone call that appeared to be from his bank and it warned him of two withdrawals from his account that they thought were suspicious and they would be reporting this to the Financial Conduct Authority.  Later that day, he received a phone call claiming to be from the Financial Conduct Authority re this suspicious activity and they said that they would email a report to him later that day which they did.

The next day, his bank phoned asking if the Financial Conduct Authority had been in touch and he was able to confirm that this had taken place.

By this time, he had become increasingly worried by these calls and he went to the police to report everything.  They recommended that he send his report in to Action Fraud and to go to his bank to discuss everything.   He found his bank to be extremely helpful and they confirmed that all of the calls had been a scam.  Fortunately, he was able to stop any of his investments being liquidated.

The key lesson on this is to note that any out of the blue communication involving money needs to be double checked to make sure it is authentic.  Do not trust any phone numbers the caller may give you.  By going to the bank to make such a check, this gentleman prevented the loss of his life’s savings.

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